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About Eivissa Animal Centre

There is an enormous stray and feral cat population in every town on the island of Ibiza. Because of such large colonies many hundreds are killed every year inhumanely.

Care 4 Cats have been working in Ibiza since 2000 and in that time we have been addressing this major problem by neutering over 13,000 cats.

As we cannot bring UK volunteer veterinary teams, into Ibiza, we are now using Ibiza vets. This is a very expensive way of working and cannot continue as the costs are unsustainable.


Veterinary Clinic on the Island

  • A veterinary centre for privately owned animals of all kinds
  • Plus facility for the neutering of feral and abandoned cats
  • Self-supporting
  • Run by a local vet

Additional Services

  • Separate facility for UK volunteer vets
  • Lecture and education room
  • Shop with pet equipment and food
  • Space to house cats for rehoming
  • Meeting facilities
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For a complete business plan email or write to Angela Collins.