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Art Auction

Sahasta D'Art Internacional Eivissenca
Sabasta De Arte Internacional Ibicenca
International Ibizan Art Auction
International Ibiza Kunstauktion


Art viewing: 26, 27 and 28 August 2014
Ibiza's best loved fine artists plus special guest artists in a three-day show and auction at Atzaro in aid of the new Eivissa Animal Center.
Artworks in all media and prices from €100.
Evening auction on 28 August at 21:30
Doors open from 20:00
Live music, bar and DJ - Iain Donnachie

Note: If you are unable to attend the live auction, you can leave your bid with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 00 44 (0)1798 812 300
For further information about an artists work, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 00 34 609959874, between 17 and 29 August 2014.
Nota: Si usted no puede estar a la subasta en vivo, puede dejar su oferta en Inglés con This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 00 44 (0) 1798 812 300
Solicite más información acerca de una obra de los artistas, en español, por favor póngase en contacto con This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 00 34 609959874, de 17 - 29 de Agosto 2014


Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison lives in Ibiza and is the director at the Studio of Art and Decoration in London and Ibiza. Kevin studied for his BA in Fine Art from Camberwell, University of the Arts, London. This Painting entitled 'Tai chi' has been made in a fresh immediate style that is a visual representation of the experience of the martial arts.

Lot #1
Description: Mixed media, water based paint on canvas, 60cm x 70cm Art
Title: Tai-chi
Starting price: €200

Elena Abeni / El.Rol.Artworks

Elena Abeni Brescia EL.Rol.Artworks is comrpised of two artists, Elena Abeni Brescia (Italy) and Roland Kocherhans Zürich who live and create artwork for sale on Ibiza. In their own words; "Through our work we try to analyse the power of man and nature, transmitting and sharing part of our life experiences that maybe have reflection in yours. We are all only human beings. There are recurring elements in our work: human figures, animals, fishes, fisherwomen, 'varieties looking for some energy', the 'healing trees', the monsters, the 'love trees'. 'healing trees', the monsters, the 'love trees'.

The animals are our fellows, and a source of inspiration and learning, they help to connect ourselves to our wild side, all of them wrapped in emotion." some smaller artworks on paper of El.Rol artorks of podencos will be on sale exculusively during the 3 day show at our art information table.

Lot #2
Description: Acrylic on canvas 81cm x 116cm Art
Title: 5 podencos y algunas hormigas - 5 Ibicencan dogs and some ants
Starting price: €1,300
Lot #3
Description: Hand retouched reproduction on hand made paper 18cm x 25cm, in Passpartout 30cm x 40cm Art
Title: 21 Podencos y algunas hormigas - 21 Ibicencan dogs and some ants
Starting price: €75

Emy Carbo

Emy Carbo is a Spanish artist, from Teruel, working in Ceramics and printmaking for some 35 years, formerly trained at the Sir John Cass Art scholl with a, Diploma in sculpture and Ceramics, she then gained her degree in 1998 from London Guildhall University. In 2001she relocated back to Teruel, and works there from her purpose built studio, exhibiting in Spain, making ceramics, mosaic, and now paintings.

Lot #4
Description: 20cm x 25cm Acrilico, please note this photo does not show Emy's painting for this auction. Art
Title: Rama, Hoja y Fruta
Starting price: €80

Suzy Caveneder

Suzy is an English artist, living in Ibiza since 1999.She has developed her own unique individual style, her passion is figurative art. Many of her paintings portray groups of people in Ibiza such as her fire dancers and club dance scenes. One of the more recent portrays Pete Docherty at the opening of the Ibiza Rocks Bar, where Ibiza Rocks all began.

Suzy has a fresh new approach that expresses what is happening socially. Her preference at the moment is to paint beautiful happy scenes where people are enjoying themselves or appreciating the beauty of the island.

Lot #5
Description: Oil on canvas Art
Title: The Musicians
Starting price: €200
Lot #6
Description: Oil on canvas Art
Title: Dancing in Red
Starting price: €200


Chapter's style has been described as pop-gothic. His use of brightly coloured and decorative images (including animal and human skulls) are juxtaposed with designs that celebrate the beauty of life and nature. His work can be can be seen at London's Westbank gallery, Urban In Ibiza, Urban Spaces Hotel Ibiza and on the walls of collectors such as Fatboy Slim. He has contributed to Pacha magazine, designed the front cover of Ibiza Style magazine and recently sold art at the Smile Britannia Auction at the Houses Of Parliament. He creates designs for his own Chapter fashion label producing silk scarves, women's wear and t-shirts. London born and bred, he now resides in Ibiza.

This print is a one-off unique version of the design that Chapter created this year, 2014, for the very popular Care4cats T-shirt.

Lot #7
Description: Digital print Art
Title: Balearic Cat
Starting price: €400

Carlos Dudek

El artista conocida Carlos Dudek natural de Ibiza, crea trabajos sobre la isla bonita, y 2013 mostró una serie de obras tituladas 'Dreaming Ibiza'. Él es pintor, hijo del arquii tecto del mismo nombre, y trabajando como escenógrafo en Alemania. dudek hace pinturas que nos pide a notar y apreciar algunos de los iconos más conocidos de la isla, como la diosa Tanit, los Podencos Ibicencos. Etc. Alumno de la escuela de Artes y Oficios de Ibiza.

Well-known artist Carlos Dudek born in Ibiza, creates work about the island, and in 2013 showed a series of works titled 'Dreaming Ibiza'. He is a painter, son of the architect of the same name, and currently working as a set designer in Germany. Dudek makes work that asks us to notice and appreciate some of the best known icons of the island, such as the goddess Tanit, Ibizan Podenco dogs. etc Studied at Ibiza's school of Art.

Lot #8
Description: Oil Art
Title: Podenco con La Necropola y D'lvilla
Starting price: €450

Sergio Ferrero

Sergio Ferrero is a 'godfather' of Ibizan contemporary Art, collected, reknowned, an artist of International fame, he is a true citizen of Ibiza. Although orginaly brought up in Rome, ha has lived and worked here in between travelling the globe in his trusty yacht, since1979 . Sergio is anartist, a poet, and athlete, a serious sailor. HIs first painting show was organised by Frank Sinatra in 1974, where he met Andy Warhol and began working in his trademark 'strappi' style - that is with collage, tearing up and re-organising paper Ibizan club posters, in this case the club posters of the much loved, and infamous 'manumission club'.

This work in one from Sergio's 'manumission series', and along with this artwork, comes an edition of Sergio's 2013 'Strappi' book, detailing his Manusmission series of paintings, of which this is one.

Lot #9
Description: Paint and collage on cardboard Art
Title: Life is Love
Starting price: €3,500

Jerome Ferriere

Jerome Ferriere has worked as a professional photographer for the past 20 years specialising in portraiture, reportage, advertising, fashion and live performance. Starting his career in France in 1990 then travelling throughout the world he has devoted himself to a photographic study of the international community from the island of Ibiza since 2002. His passion is portraiture, where his focus is to capture the real essence of his subject's personality.

"Its about me catching the balance between the strength and fragility of the character ".

Lot #10
Description: Black and white TX400 Kodak negative film photo Art
Title: Shade
Starting price: €1,500

Lizzy Forrester

Lizzy Forrrester, a UK-born Ibizan artist, shows her work Internationaly, including New York, and China. She has a large client base in China. Her luminous and highly textured canvases reflect a deep admiration for the Impressionist painters, placing a strong emphasis on the interplay of light on surfaces. Her impetus for painting lies deeper than the desire to render for example rays of light upon surface. In fact, Forrester's work serves as an expression of her inner life. Her landscape paintings resonate with a sense ofcalm and happiness, evidencing the artist's strongly influential spirituality.

The paintings are primarily a communicative tool, created by impulse and an urge to paint, but also express color theory and her strong eye for spatial arrangements.

Lot #11
Description: Oil on canvas , 80cm x40cm Art
Title: Spring Almond Blossom
Starting price: €600
Lot #12
Description: Oil on canvas, 100cm x 40cm Art
Title: Blue Eyes the Cat
Starting price: €800

Manuel Fuertes

Nace en Pozo Alcon, Jaen, reside en Ibiza.

Autodidacta, numerosas exposiciones nacionales, individuales y colectivas, de oleos, acrilicps, dibujos, acuarelas y grabados.

Originally from Jaen, Fuertes has lived in Ibiza for many years. Self-taught, he has taken part in many shows, both individual and group, in Spain.

Lot #13
Description: Oleo, 80cm x 1cm Art
Title: Rosa Roja
Starting price: €800

Orly Frid

Orly Frid is an Israeli artist from Haifa. Since 2000 she lives in Ibiza, studying and creating art, showing at several exhibitions a year, Internationaly, including Israel and mainland Spain.

Nacida en Haifa, Israel. Desde el año 2000 reside en la isla de Ibiza, donde estudió y ebanistería artística en la "Escola d'arts de Eivissa". Desde 2003 expone obras en exposiciones colectivas e individuales, y participa en proyectos y eventos artísticos. Exhibitions / Exposiciónes: Ibiza Barcelona, Jaen, Santiago de Compostela, Nueva York, Jerusalem.

Lot #14
Description: Acrylic with wooden frame, 30cm x 30cm Art
Title: No title
Starting price: €200

William Fulljames

Willam Fulljames is orginaly from Uk. A resident since 1972 in Ibiza, and former art teacher at the English school for many years. He is an out-standing printmaker and sculptor, producing prolific amounts of beautifull wood-cuts, which can be found on a series of hand-made souvenir gift cards in the tabac shop at Santa Gertrudis, and on our Art information table. He studied Design, sculpture and engraving at Portsmouth College of Art, and then went on to become a qualified art teacher at Swansea college of Art.

Lot #15

Description: Material, artificial stone. Height is 70cm Art
Title: The Jogger
Starting price: €350

Rosa Gross

Rose Gross is a German artist, creating Jellewry for sale, and painting for more than 30 years. She lives in Ibiza.

Lot #16
Description: Oil, 81cm x 100cm Art
Title: Under Shadow
Starting price: €500
Lot #17
Description: Oil, 81cm x 100cm Art
Title: Morgentrot
Starting price: €600

Jeremy Hatton

Jeremy says of his work: 'I work in mixed media, mostly collage and sculpture, trying Jeremy says of his work: 'I work in mixed media, mostly collage and sculpture, trying to build a cathedral out of junk. Best summed up by the words of Sid Vicious who spent part of his childhood on Ibiza, "I didn't even know the summer of love was happening I was too busy playing with my action man."

Lot #18
Description: Made from wire, glass, feathers,a plastic bottle, a broken toy and papier-mâche. 50cm x 40cm x 30cm. Art
Title: Rev 6:8
Starting price: €750

Jakub Honetschlager Honet

2004–2010, Facultad de Bellas Artes (AVU, Praga), Taller de artes gráficas, prof.

Vladimír Kokolia y 2010 – Premio de Taller de artes gráficas. 2007-2008, Estann cia de un semestre en Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona. 1999, Premio de Honor: Grafika roku a Cena Vladimíra Boudníka (Grabado del año y Premio del Vladimir Boudnik) Praga, República Checa.

Jakub is an artist originaly from Prague, and regularly exhibits his work.

Lot #19
Description: 25cm x 160cm. Please note at the time of going to print, I am uncertain if this photo shows the artwork for sale. Art
Title: Vecinos
Starting price: €150, Framed €200

Gary Hodges

Gary Hodges is the UKs best selling and most collectable pencil artist with many prestigious awards to his name. Since 1987, he has sold over 110,000 personally signed/numbered limited edition prints reproduced from his drawings and out of these 127 editions, only 11 remain. His art hangs in the homes of many thousands of peoples including Born Free's Virginia McKenna OBE and Hollywood actress Kristin Davis.

Gary is passionate about all animals and his popularity has enabled him to raise well over half a million pounds towards protecting them through Gary is passionate about all animals and his popularity has enabled him to raise well over half a million pounds towards protecting them through many charities including Greenpeace, the Born Free Foundation, WWF, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, DUO and Care4Cats Ibiza. Angel Eyes on canvas sold out the same year it was published (2006) and copies have since increased greatly in value and sold for up to £1,200 for charity.

Lot #20
Description: Giclee limited edition box canvas print number 3/100, reproduced from his graphite pencil drawing of a resting Bengal Tigress. 109cm x 31cm. Art
Title: Angel Eyes
Starting price: €220


Jull is a German artist with his own gallery in Ibiza, the Museo de Jull is a German artist with his own gallery in Ibiza, the Museo de las ilusiones.


Lot #21
Description: Oil painting Art
Starting price: €800

Claudette Keuls

Claudette Keuls studied fashion at art school in the UK, lives in Ibiza, and her main interest lies with painting and sculpture. Claudette also writes and recieved a literature award in Holland in 2012.

Lot #22
Description: Acrylic on board. 140cm x 110cm Art
Title: Pregnant Moon
Starting price: €1,500

Morten Wilhelm Keller

Morten Vilhelm Keller is a photographer, composer, musician, collage artist and writer. As a photographer he is an integral part of Ibiza, capturing many facets of the island. Recently he had a show of his work at La Paloma, Ibiza. Morten has led a nomadic life living working in USA, France, Spain, India and Mexico. He studied with photographer and artist Peter Beard in New York City in the late 70's, and has worked as a freelance photographer as well as producing and directing video documentaries, composing, playing and publishing music. Morten has enjoyed exhibitions in Mexico, Spain and Denmark and his work can be found in numerous books and magazines around the world.

He is currently working on his new music and photography projects in Ibiza, Spain, Kathmandu.

Lot #23A
Description: Sta. Eulalia Ibiza, photography size 150cm x 100cm, framed. Art
Title: Water Reflection #9
Starting price: €450
Lot #23B
Description: Es Vedra, Ibiza. 150cm x 100cm. Art
Title: Es Vedra
Starting price: 450 (framed)

Simona Marziani

Simona was born in Milan where she attended an Illustration Institute. Free lance for different publishing houses and advertising agencys, With a friend she opened in Milan the "Primo Studio".

A Lover of the Far East, and many travels. In 1995 in New York begins painting. In 1997 she came to Ibiza, where she is dedicated to painting, finding the enviroment very creative.

Recently, she paints big portraits. She is inspired by photographic material, that is sometime per Recently, she paints big portraits. She is inspired by photographic material, that is sometime personal sometimes not, her aim is to create compositions where the realistic outline gets confused with more abstract areas. Seeking for beauty, color and moments of contemplation beetwen reality and dream.

Lot #24A
Description: Oil and resin, 80cm x 80cm Art
Title: On the Window
Starting price: €1,200
Lot #24B
Description: Oil, 50cm x 50cm Art
Title: Freeing Your Mind
Starting price: €450
Lot #24C
Description: Paint, 118cm x 83cms Art
Title: China girl
Starting price: €1,600

Igor Morski

Igor Morski is a Polish graphic designer, illustrator and set designer. He focuses on mixed media graphic art, based on photo manipulation, drawing, recently also 3D.

He graduated with honors from the Interior Architecture and Industrial Design Faculty at the State Higher School of Fine Art in Pozna (now the University of Arts).

In the late 80's-90's he worked for public broadcasting company Polish Television creating set design for TV theatre, culture and commentary shows .Igor Morski is co-owner of a graphic design studio Morski Studio Graficzne in his hometown. His advertising art has been commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, Saatchi & advertising art has been commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, Saatchi and Saatchi Sydney and Abelson Taylor among others.

Lot #25D
Description: 100cm x 54cm Art
Starting price: €150

Monica Kramer

Monika specializes in horses and animal portriats and only once in a while goes for other topics. Monica is from Germany where her first exhibitions took place. Besides her activity as a painter she authored various publication about horses. She got to know Ibiza in 1975 and made it her second residence since 1999.

Lot #25
Description: Oleo / lienzo, 81cm x 100cm, tecnica mixta. Art
Title: Sin titulo
Starting price: €350

Kike Gaucin Martin

Kike Garcinuno is a visual artist with more than 20 years in the world of Fine Art, with exhibitions in almost every corner of Spain. "All the colors that I use for making this picture came from the sand and stones of the ibiza's beachs. This is the particularity of this Picture, and a theme in my work".

Kike Garcinuno es un artista plastico que a pesar de su juventud, atesora una trayectoria de mas 20 anos en el mundo de bellas artes. Con exposiciones en casi todos los rincones de la peninsula.

Lot #26
Description: Oil mixed on canvas. 200cm x 81cm Art
Title: Tierras de Ibiza
Starting price: €1,200

Oliver Merlin

Oliver has lived in London for the past 20 years and just moved to Ibiza . My Art work is largely abstract and I tend to focus on themes. For example at the moment I am looking at Amnesia and Insomnia. The Amnesia painting is part of a series, which although not finished is already about 10 strong. The work looks at Amnesia from the point of view of people; that is to say examining the issues with forgetting about special people you once knew, looking at deja vu and even suggestions of people you never knew - which is one of the side symptoms of Amnesia. The pieces then are only suggestions of fig the side symptoms of Amnesia. The pieces then are only suggestions of figures, perceptions of relationships on the outskirts of your mind.

Merlin studied at art school in London, had paintings in the RA summer show and in 2013, a successful show at the Jeannie Avent Gallery in London.

Lot #27
Decription: Oil on canvas Art
Title: Amnesia
Starting price: €500

Charlotte Mensforth

Charlotte is a painter and sculptor, equally at home and talented in both mediums. Charlotte trained in London as a painter, and has practiced as a professional artist for some 50 years. Her home and Studio are in Ibiza, where she has a strong track record of one-woman and group shows.

Lot #28
Description: Oil on canvas Art
Title: Still Life with Check Cloth
Starting price: €800

Angela Ker

Angela Ker dice: ' El arte es un poco de un misterio -creatividad es lo mejor. ' Art is all a bit of a mystery, creativity is the best.' es lo mejor.

Angela Ker from Scotland studied at the world renowned Glasgow school of Art. She won a scholarship to the British school in Rome, and the Torrance Memorial award.

She has lived on Ibiza, and worked as a painter for over 40 years.

Lot #29
Description: Oil, 30cm x 80cm Art
Title: Childrens Games Under the Trees
Starting price: €1,500

Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, lived in Barcelona for 17 years, since then she moved to Formentera and travels frequently to Asia. She has recieved awards from the Pilar i Joan Miro Foundation in Palma de Malllorca, amongst many others and exhibits regularly.

Lot #30
Description: Watercolour postcard with wooden frame. Art
Title: Mitjorn
Starting price: €250

Caroline Paton

Born in Toulouse, Caroline studied at the academy of Arts, Montpelier. Her hand modelled ceramics reflect the beauty of Ibiza, her inspiration.

Lot #31
Description: Ceramic Art
Title: Plato Paysage Raku
Starting price: €50
Lot #32
Description: Ceramic Art
Title: Oursain del mar Raku
Starting price: €150

Christine Pugler

Crista says; 'I began to paint in 1991 and developed a pointillist technique inspired by the Austrialian aborigines, since my visit there in 2000.

Lot #33
Description: Acrylic Art
Title: Bird
Starting price: €125

Eva Alcaide Sanchez

Eva es un artista español, que ha vivido gran parte de su vida en África, y ahora reside en Ibiza, el arte y las culturas de África son una gran influencia e inspiración para su trabajo, como es la espirituu alidad.

Lot #34
Description: Técnica: Òleo sobre lienzo (sin marco) Altura 120cm x 84cm de ancho. Art
Title: "La Cancion De Odiseo", (Sirena)
Starting price: €2,000
Lot #35
Description: Técnica: Òleo sobre cartulina "entelada".
Title/Título: "Regreso Al Agua 1" (Fluyendo de la Naturaleza para entrar en el Agua)
Starting price: €1,250
Lot #36
Description: Técnica: Òleo sobre cartulina "entelada". Description: Técnica: Òleo sobre cartulina "entelada". Art
Title: "Regreso Al Agua 2" ( Entrando en el Agua con puesta de Sol)
Starting price: €1,250

Sola Tidoo

Sola Tidoo is a graphic designer and painter, who more recently has concentrated on collage. These two paintings reflect her earlier work and also her on-going interest in spiritual, magical-realism themes.

Lot #37
Description: Oil on canvas, 80cm x 50cm Art
Title: Shiva
Starting price: €200
Lot #38
Description: Oil on canvas, 56cm x 47cm Art
Title: Angel
Starting price: €100

Marcos Torres

Marcos Torres, que empezo su carrera como artista independiente hace mas de diez anos, ha puesto su talento visual en el clasico y academicista formato de la serigraa fia, pero tambien en sus celebres colecciones de camisetas de autor en portados de discos, cubiertas de libros, muesos (firmo el diseno de las camisetas oficiales del Guggenheim de Blibao). Ha expuesto su obra en su isla, en Madrid, y muchos otros sitios y ciudades.

Marcos Torres is an Ibizan artist, born on the island. He has developed an impressive body of work in the medium of screenprint, and an extensive client list in the world of commercial T-shirt Design.

Lot #39
Description: Screenprint, limited edition. Art
Title: God Saves
Starting price: €350

Andreu Moreno

Andreu Moreno is a native artist of Ibiza and attended the School of Arts and Crafts of Ibiza, where he studied interior design motivated by an interest in drawing and the job opportunities offered in the future. Later on through his teacher there, he discovered and trained in sculpture. Andreu Moreno is well loved throughout Ibiza by the public and fellow artists, alike for his stunning Podenco dog sculptures on a roundabout, just outside Eivissa town, and also on the sea front Promenade of Santa Eulalia. Ibicenco dogs are a special breed belonging to Ibiza, and an important symbol of the island. longing to Ibiza, and an important symbol of the island.

Andreu says : 'One of my first jobs was to carry out trophies for the Association of Ca Eivissenc, who then followed by other projects, to highlight the sculpture homage to Ca Eivissenc to the Island Council of Ibiza. Currently I am doing other projects for the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Riu.

Lot #40
Description: Sculpture Art
Title: Madre amamantando
Starting price: €7,000
Lot #41
Description: Sculpture Art
Title: Cachorros jugando
Starting price: €4,200

Martin Traverso

Martin Traverso is a painter originaly from Argentina.

Nacio en Buenos Aires actualmente reside en la inspiraa dora isla de Ibiza. Tras seis anos residiendo en Ibiza ve reconfortada inspiracion creativa. Estudia Diseno Grafico pero detras de una pelota viaja por distintos lugares del mundo, empieza la pintura.

Lot #42
Description: Tamaño: 92cm x 73cm Art
Title: Lips.
Starting price: €1,000

Karin Torster.

Varios anos de aprendizaje con el pintor abstracto estadounidense Andre d'Epinoy. Exposiciones en Alemania y en Ibiza.

Karin Torster is a German painter and studied many years with the American abstract painter Andre D'Epinoy, Karin has exhibited regularly in Germany and Ibiza.

Lot #43
Description: Oil, 'das oil bild', 80cm x120cm Art
Title: Ernte
Starting price: €650

Klaus Richter

Klaus Richter is a German painter, with an International reputation, who studied Fine Art at the Free Academy of Art, Mannheim. He arrived to live and work on the island, from 2006.

Lot #44
Description: Graphite drawing. Art
Title: The Bath
Starting price: €850

Petra Reimers

Petra Reimers is a painter and also works in 3-D, transforming materials like slate, lava, sand, shells, roots and wood, found on walks on the island and other travels.

Lot #45
Description: Horse, oil on canvas Art
Title: La Elegancia
Starting price: €450
Lot #46
Description: Bas-relief 3-D canvas Art
Title: Islas Vulcanicas
Starting price: €350

Rike Oetzel

Rike Oetzel is a painter with a long standing connection to Ibiza, with many years a member of La ruta de arte and now Ibiza Art guide.

Lot #47
Description: Mixed media painting on canvas, 90cm x 90cm Art
Starting price: €250

Peter Ritzer

Peter Ritzer is a German painter of intenational reputation,permanently represented by Galleries in Germany and 77 Gallery, SoHO, NYC.

Lot #48
Description: Oil, 70cm x 80cm Art
Title: Palm Tree
Starting price: €1,500
Lot #49
Description: Oil, 70cm x 80cm Art
Title: Two Trees
Starting price: €1,500
Lot #50
Description: Oil, 110cm x 110cm Art
Title: Almond Tree
Starting price: €2,500

Stefan Wirsperger

Stefan Wirnsperger is a Viennese painter, graduated from the University of the applied arts in Vienna (2011). He is currently on a painting residency in Mexico.

He has exhibited in Vienna, Turkey and Mexico.

The two works are part of a series of 50 paintings that deal with moments of change and metamorphoses. The frog is an animal that undergoes significant changes in its life. The full grown frog is depicted in midair, falling without being able to change it's destiny. The young woman meanwhile gazes up to some precise point that we cannot see ourselves, giving the impression of being aware and prepared for what the future holds.

Lot #51
Description: Oil on wood, 14cm x 10cm Art
Title: Falling Down (Frog)
Starting price: €80
Lot #52
Description: Pencil on wood, 25cm x 20cm Art
Title: Looking up
Starting price: €100

Kaori Yabusaki

Kaori Yabusaki is a Japanese artist, whose home is Ibiza. She studied Fine Art at the Tohoku University of Art and Design, specializing in ceramics.


Lot #53

Description: 26cm x 19cm Art
Title: Bendicion de agua. y en japones: 恵みの雨
Starting price: €300
Lot #54
Description: 39.5cm x 16cm Art
Title: Bendicion de agua
Starting price: €300