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Out Story


In 1999 Angela Collins looked out of her hotel window and saw a bedraggled white cat; crying for food and water with dirty, matted long hair. The breakfast buffet was robbed of ham and Angela phoned the RSPCA International as her hotel had no interest. One Wendy Calavalle came and took the starving cat to her vet, and a quick conversation told Angela that this was one of thousands left to their own devices to live or die in large colonies, sometimes made up of hundreds of cats. There was no organised help available and because the colonies kept growing, poisoning was rife. A tragic end for many of the cats was commonplace.

In 2000 Angela founded Care 4 Cats Ibiza and a team of vets, nurses and one trapper came to Ibiza. In 10 days they trapped, neutered and returned over 300 cats, and have returned twice a year since. For some years the charity worked in a disused veterinary clinic, until the authorities deemed it illegal. For the past 8 years we have used local vets, thus doubling our costs.

Since 2000 13,500 cats have been neutered, saving countless more from endless procreation and unnecessary suffering. Neutering campaigns remain the only humane solution, and our work must continue until the situation has normalised. We are already seeing vast improvements, reducing the size and improving the health of hundreds of colonies, but if we stop things will quickly deteriorate.

As our costs are not sustainable we are appealing to raise funds for our own veterinary clinic with a full time vet – the Eivissa Animal Centre. It will treat the animals of Ibiza, as well as housing Care 4 Cats Ibiza, with space for UK vets to neuter on a voluntary basis to boost our numbers. Eivissa Animal Centre will be run as a profit making business, treating all animals; all profits going to our neutering campaigns for the feral and stray cats of Ibiza.